The Crossfin team is experienced in investing in and managing technology businesses in emerging markets and has a proven track record of converting deal flow into well-structured transaction and profit generating technology businesses.

The team are active business partners and trusted advisors to portfolio management teams, which enables strong business growth with limited capital investment.


Dean Dean is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Crossfin and has close to 20 years’ experience of investing in ICT businesses in Africa with a background in corporate finance. His experience is broad and extends from pure investor to corporate development to hands on responsibility within the senior finance and executive leadership functions at both the operational and corporate levels.


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Anton Gaylard

Co-Founder & CXO

Anton is the co-founder and Chief Exponential Officer at Crossfin. He has more than 25 years of technology, retail, eCommerce and M&A experience in entrepreneurial and corporate entities with a specific focus on technology, payments, strategy and operations. His experience enables him to provide high quality strategic and operational solutions to both business development and value creation.


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Dean Sparrow

Co-Founder & CEO


Grant Manicom


Grant is the CFO of Crossfin. He has a broad range of finance and operational management experience spanning 20 years in the ICT and financial services industries, both in Africa and in the UK, and within global multinationals as well as high growth entrepreneurial and startup businesses.


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Matthew Blewett

Non-Exec Director & Strategic Advisor

Matthew is a founding Shareholder and Partner of the Multiply Group. The Former CIO and co-founder of Business Connexion (BCX), Matthew’s blend of entrepreneurial skills and large corporate experience provides a unique skill set for mentoring and scaling businesses. Matthew’s deep understanding of the South African ICT industry, together with his acquired M&A skills and experience, were instrumental in the merger between Comparex Africa and Business Connexion.

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Laura Cowan

Financial Manager

Laura holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and Honours in Accounting and qualified as a Chartered Accountant (SA) with Deloitte South Africa in 2006 and is the Group Finance Manager. In early 2007, Laura worked on a Deloitte secondment in Toronto, Canada for 3 months. On her return to South Africa in June 2007, Laura joined UCS and her first project was the design and implementation of the consolidation software, Cognos Controller, in conjunction with external consultants. During her time with UCS and CEI, Laura has been instrumental in streamlining the monthly financial reporting processes.


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Mark Hyslop

Chief Legal Officer

Mark is the Chief Legal Officer at Crossfin Technology Holdings Proprietary Limited (and prior to this, at its holding company Capital Eye Investments Limited) and has more than 30 years of general commercial law experience including 29 years of experience in IT law. Mark is responsible for all corporate and transactional legal support for the group and is further focused on all the legal aspects of the existing Capital Eye portfolio. Specifically, Mark is actively involved in mergers and acquisitions, general commercial matters and client related IT law engagements for the provision of technology and services.



Neil Michelson

Non-Exec Director

Neil is a non-executive director of Crossfin and represents Capital Eye Investments on the board. Neil started and built numerous small ownermanaged enterprises before joining the UCS Group Board in 1998. After the UCS Group delisted in 2011 and the business was renamed Capital Eye Investments (CEI), Neil participated as a non-executive director and active member of the CEI board. Neil continues to provide commercial and strategic support. Identifying and structuring M&A opportunities.

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Isaac Mophatlane

Non-Exec Director

Together with his late brother, Benjamin, Isaac co-founded BCX (then known as Business Connexion). In 2016 BCX was sold to Telkom, creating the largest ICT services business on the African continent. Isaac has a depth of experience in building a business up from a small company to a large, listed entity with operations across multiple countries, both in Africa and abroad. His extended network in the ICT, financial services and retail industries in a number of African countries is hugely relevant to Crossfin.

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Craig Coombe

Non-Exec Director

Craig is a founding shareholder and CEO of the Multiply Group. Prior to this role he was an integral member of a partnership that grew Imbewu Capital Partners to holding one of Southern Africa’s most attractive portfolios. Craig has also worked for 7 years as an investment banker at BoE Bank, now Nedbank. Craig has over 20 years of relevant experience.

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We put ourselves in others’ shoes to understand their situation. This enables us to understand their problems and challenges and come up with solutions to these, as well as to understand their opportunities and find ways to help them exploit those to the benefit of all involved.


As people and organisations of integrity we choose to do the right thing even when there is a cost associated to this decision. We operate honestly and above board. We communicate clearly and directly, and we avoid political manoeuvring and devious schemes to achieve our goals.

We know our own capability and capacity and based on this knowledge we carefully make promises that we can keep. Then we keep them. We avoid surprises and in the exceptional cases where we are unable to keep our original promise, we communicate this honestly, clearly, and timeously.

We show respect for our stakeholders by valuing opinions and treating everyone as equals. We listen to feedback and assess needs and look to assist and support where ever possible.  We employ fair tactics and respect the law of the land ensuring sound and reasonable business practices.


We see our stakeholders as our partners – whether they be investors, portfolio members, team members, customers, or even our customers’ customers. This means that in every situation we create opportunities that benefit all involved and create agreements in which everyone shares fairly in the benefit created, in accordance with effort and value added.


We hire people who come with the batteries included. We make the effort to share our passion and we encourage and inspire each other to dream big and embrace those dreams with passionate action.


We lead the African continent by envisioning better futures. Where there is vision, people can be moved from lives that are perishing in quiet desperation, to lives of hope, a future, and abundance. We dream big, share our dreams, build executable plans to make our dreams reality – and then we execute!


We intentionally include people in our visions, dreams, passions and partnerships; inspiring them to engage their whole person in getting behind these. We help them discover, gain confidence in, and engage their strengths, allowing others to compensate for their weaknesses. This allows us to attract, engage, and retain the best talent in our industry, giving them a place to continually grow into their full potential.