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Crossfin Mauritius (Pty) Ltd is the investment platform within Crossfin Technology Holdings (Pty) Ltd providing early to late stage funding to FinTech businesses outside of South Africa
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Crossfin Mauritius Portfolio

Crossfin Mauritius is the next evolution of Crossfin, investing in fintech business across emerging markets. From the track record created in Crossfin Holdings, Crossfin Mauritius plans to ultimately be larger than Crossfin Holdings, in terms of investment quantum and emerging market reach.​
The Mauritius portfolio currently includes the following companies:


CO-FOUNDERS | Paul Edwards and Barry Lobel
HEADQUARTERS | Grand Baie, Mauritius
FOUNDED | 2018

VISION |  Changing the face of payments across Africa.
CLIENTS | 5 Blue Chip
GEOGRAPHY | South Africa

STRATEGIC FOCUS | Open banking
TIER | 1 & 2

is a leading provider of comprehensive payment and technology solutions to banks, telecommunications companies, and fintech firms across Africa, tailored to Africa's unique payment challenges. ​



CO-FOUNDER & CEO | Paul Cartmel
FOUNDED | 2017

VISION | Improving efficiency through automating processes
CLIENTS | Blue chip banks, insurers and credit providers
GEOGRAPHY | South Africa

STRATEGIC FOCUS | Award winning AI assistance technology
TIER | 1 & 2

ATURA it is an AI business developing bots to introduce efficiencies in clients’ business processes.
The team focuses on three verticals:
1.    Collections (of debt, loans, insurance)
2.    Asset management (balance enquiries, withdrawals, et cetera)
3.    Insurance (claims processing, queries, et cetera)



CO-FOUNDERS | Bastiat Viljoen & Dane Viljoen
HEADQUARTERS | Stellenbosch, RSA
FOUNDED | 2018

VISION | To provide physical gold owners access to gold-based financial and banking services.
CLIENTS | 5000+ users
GEOGRAPHY | South Africa & Singapore

STRATEGIC FOCUS | Digital Gold Banking
TIER | Physical gold owners & other retail investors

Troygold’s mission is to solve the access and liquidity problems of owning physical, investment-grade gold bullion – allowing gold owners to ‘live in gold’. We do so by vaulting gold bullion, then digitising this gold value onto a mobile app (iOS & Android) & debit card (Mastercard), which then allows retail customers to buy, sell, spend, and borrow against, gold.


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