Crossgate is a payments solution business that provides leading card, mobile

and processing platforms that connects merchants, banks, consumers and brands.

The company was founded by management in 2007 as a card supply business and operated as division in Opengate (Pty) Ltd before being spun out as a separate independent business entity which initially focused on selling cards and related services to retailers. More recently, the business has seen a period of strategic development, acquisitions and re-direction insofar that the business is now able to deliver large, scalable, highly profitable projects in the mass retail, banking, transit and other verticals, all of which are aligned to Crossgate’s strategic intent to connect merchants, banks, consumers and brands.

Crossgate is strategically aligned with MasterCard, Visa and other organizations like the World Bank to drive financial inclusion by converting cash-based transactions into electronic payments, on both the Issuing and Acceptance side of the value chain. 85% of global transactions are still done in cash, clearly indicating that 50 years after card transactions were introduced, globally only the tip of the payments’ iceberg is being addressed. This provides Crossgate with a very large addressable market for many years to come. Crossgate has developed technology or partnered with globally leading technology providers to create platforms that can be implemented to manage electronic payment events securely and make sense of transactional data. There is also very clear recognition that the consumer, merchant and brand data driving the payment transaction event is of massive value, extending the business’s opportunities to derive value from big data over the longer term.

Crossgate provides solutions to tier 1 retailers, banks and insurers in South Africa and has many blue-chip clients.

Cape Town Office:
Unit 207,
Block 2,

Northgate Park,

Cnr Section Street & Platinum Dr, Brooklyn,

Cape Town,


+27 21 812 1499

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4th Floor,
The Mall Offices,
11 Cradock Avenue,



+27 11 064 4600

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Umhlanga Arch

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Umhlanga Ridge



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