Retail Capital’s mission is “growing the South African economy and SME’s through partnerships and funding". Retail Capital are the industry leader in providing non-bank funding to small & medium businesses in South Africa, having distributed over R4,5Bn in funding to date.  The business is successful in servicing the significant credit gap in the SME sector, which traditional institutions and the banking industry have been unable to meet.

Retail Capital was the first business in SA to provide the Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) product. With the experience and a deep understanding of the credit and retail industry management have been able to grow the company from inception to a profitable business. The entrepreneurial management team continue to evolve their offering, by expanding the channel and identifying complementary strategic acquisitions. Management estimate that the business dominates with around a 50% share of the MCA market and that the market opportunity remains significant with only a 2% penetration to date.

Africa has long been considered a global leader in Fintech innovation and adoption. The continent's low penetration rates for traditional banking services coupled with high penetration of mobile phones makes it a rich breeding ground for Fintech innovation, and in many respects the continent has been miles ahead of other developing – and most developed - markets. In South Africa, 98% of SME’s have checking or savings accounts, of which only 30% have a bank loan

or traditional line of credit. This, coupled with the growth in footprint of card acquiring platforms in the lower tier of retailers and informal merchants, provides fertile grounds for the proliferation of alternative credit providers.

Retail Capital’s product offering promotes financial inclusion of the underserved SME market together with the adoption of a cashless environment thereby reducing security risks and challenges associated with cash operating enterprises. Retail Capital provide the SME market with access to working capital which is traditionally difficult to obtain and the support to make investments to secure growth.

Adding to its range of funding products, Retail Capital has also recently acquired First Asset Finance, now called, Retail Capital Asset Finance, offering secure funding over a long-term at a lower cost and in so doing, providing the SME market with flexible funding solution approach.