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Innervation is a Pan African Payment Solution Provider enabling relevant payment products, value added services and a reconciliation solution, leveraging a strong Omni Channel platform capability with significant integration skills and an experienced team.

Innervation focuses on the provision of networking, hosting and switching services through the Destiny Switch and also provides relevant payments, solution architecture and integration consulting services. In addition to the core switching and payment competence Innervation has extensive domain knowledge in loyalty and customer engagement solutions.

Innervation provides payment-acquiring services to almost 6 500 different retail stores with over 23 000 lanes and processes almost ZAR 50 billion from +100 million transactions annually through the switch. Furthermore, Innervation has processed circa ZAR 20 billion worth of VAS services which amounted to +35 million transactions across 2 600 retail outlets and 21 200 lanes.

Innervation is integrated to 4 of the major banks in South Africa and the recently completed integrations into 3 banks in Africa enables Innervation to expand its reach into a further 22 African countries.

Innervation’s head office and 2 PCI Compliant data centres are based in Johannesburg with branches in Cape Town and Namibia and a presence in Botswana and Kenya.

Innervation’s VISION is to be the preferred provider of transactional solutions across the African continent.

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